Cardcaptors: A Dub's Genre Confusion

Cardcaptors is the English adaptation of Card Captor Sakura. While the original version of the show focused on the love & social life of a school girl, the English version attempted to capitalize on the action in the show. The dub produced by Ocean and Kids WB tried to make Sakura something it wasn’t.

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Winx Club Still Exists!

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The Winx Club's history in the west is incredibly convoluted. With over 4 adaptations, eight seasons, multiple movies, and more, the series has never quite got its footing over here. Nickelodeon recently tried to revive the series' reputation over here, but despite having all the resources in the world (and Arianne Grande) they still hecked it up!

Digimon The Movies (Part 2)

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The Digimon movies aired periodically at Toei anime festivals as well as on Toon Disney, in this series I look at all of them! How fun, descriptions are weird. Digimon is neat.

Digimon: The Movies (Part 1)

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Let's take a look through Digimon's film archive! In this video we're looking at the films from Digimon Adventure and Adventure 02.

- Digimon Adventure (1999)

- Digimon: Our War Game (2000)

- Digimon: Hurricane Touchdown/ Transcendent Evolution the Golden Digimentals (2000)

- Digimon: The Movie (2000)

- Digimon: Diablomon Strikes Back (2001)