Bionicle Was Weird

Let's take a look at one of LEGO's most interesting experiments from the early 2000's: Bionicle.

[list of errors]

Error Edits: It's super cool how dedicated the Bionicle fanbase is! Thanks for pointing that I made several errors in this video. In the interest of having correct information, here's a list of the errors made. Please feel free to comment anything else I got wrong.

I mispronounce and misstate several words:

1. I totally butchered the pronunciation of Māori. Also Māori refers to a group of people, not a singular tribe.

2. Kopaka as Kapooka

3. Tohunga as Toraga. The Toraga were the village elders, but The Tohunga were the generic villagers. The Tohunga were renamed the Matoran. My reference to the Matoran as "little guys" isn't for the purpose of avoiding the word tohunga. I just like calling them little guys.

Aside from the part about the Māori, the purpose of this video is meant to be more of a nostalgic look back on Bionicle, rather than super informative. I also got some things wrong about Bionicle itself.

1. I referred to the rakshii as Rahi,

2. The plural of Bionicle is Bionicle.

3. I stated the Bionicle got their powers from their masks, this is only partially true. (i'm finding conflicting information)

There were also some misunderstandings, which were less of a factual error on my part, and more of a failure to clearly communicate what I was saying.

1. I know Mega Blocks aren't made by Lego, lmao. This was a joke

2. When I say Bionicle was the beginning of LEGO creating their own sets, I meant to say "story based sets." I know LEGO had their own sets before this. I even show a commercial for some at the beginning of the video.

Lesson: If you're going to make a video featuring a words and a language you're not familiar with, look up the pronunciation. If you're spelling words in a word processor, double check to make sure you wrote them correctly, so you don't pronounce the misspelled words.