2019 Goal Setting

The audience growth I experienced in 2018 was more than my first five years on YouTube combined. Thinking about it is surreal, exciting, and a bit nerve racking. I feel fortunate to be where I am right now.

My motto for 2018 was “Keeping it weird,” which eventually evolved into my Was Weird series. Many of these video topics (Chaotic, Neopets, Beyblade, etc.) were on my list of topics for over a year. It took me a long time to act on making them, because I felt like it didn’t match the kind of content I was making at the time. Strangely enough, it ended up defining my content. I now find myself wanting to make more content, which again feels like it doesn’t match the kind of content I’m making currently. My content evolved in 2018, and my goal is to keep it evolving in 2019.

Here are some content creation goals I have for the year, which I’m publicly admitting in hopes of holding myself accountable.

Candid Content

I don’t want my channel to be a dedicated “Vlog” or “Story Time” channel, but I believe I can find a natural way to integrate more unscripted content. I want to create vlog style videos, which have the same level of care I put into my other work. 

I live in Orlando. I’d love to explore some of the weird tourist traps in the area. It’s a bizarre place. Just look up “GatorLand” or “The Holy Land Experience.” I’d love to visit more conventions. I love to cook and make things. I think all of these interests can find a place within my content. However, these videos will always be “additional” content, not something which replaces the content I have now. 

I also have plans for an unscripted show about table top games, but that’s still a while away. 

Weirder Media

I want to talk about media no one is expecting me to cover. That’s what drove me a lot in 2018, but I want to try to continue to try new things which are now unexpected out of my current brand. I don’t consider myself an anime channel, I’ve just happened to have covered a lot of anime related stuff recently. There are some mockumentaries, standalone card games, and obscure shows I want to make videos on.

More of the same, but better

I have so much more content I want to cover, which is still in line with what I’ve been doing. This year will not be a reinvention, but an evolution. I’m still excited about the content I’ve been producing, but I would really like to take more time with what I cover. Last year, I made a lot of shortcuts to allow me to make more videos on time. I’m hopeful I will be able to find a balance between quality and consistency. I’d like to spend more time on audio mixing, research, and writing. However, compromise will still be needed to maintain consistency. Although YouTube is a creative outlet for me, I still want to be as successful as I can be on the platform. 

Last year was insane. I was granted a lot of cool opportunities, got in touch with a lot of cool people, and finally took a chance on making content I wanted to make. I’m hoping to continue this success into 2019. The level of support from viewers and the volatility of the YouTube algorithm have not gone unrecognized. It’s not just about hard work. There are more talented creators who struggle to please the algorithm, or lack the time and resources to dedicate themselves to their content. It was a luxury to have the time to work on my channel, because for so long, it was a hobby which had limited financial return. So, thank you for supporting me, because now this is basically my full time job.